At Manchester Occupational Therapy Services we offer training for both school staff and parents/carers, as well as having a number of online training resources available.


We run regular parent and school staff workshops based around Sensory processing needs and basic strategies to address these. These workshops are run by our qualified Occupational Therapists and are a great way to increase your awareness of Sensory processing difficulties as well as gaining an understanding of some strategies that you can try at school or home to support an individual who may have difficulties in this area.

Daily routines & schedules

Training packages

We can also offer bespoke training packages for schools or other organisations,  this means we will design our training based around your schools/organisations needs. This may be for parents or staff.

Below are some examples of the types of training we can provide:

  • Introduction to Sensory processing and strategies for the classroom or home
  • Sensory Circuits
  • Handwriting  Development

Our training packages are charged hourly, please contact us directly to discuss a training package that works for you.

Online Resources

We have a number of informative training videos available online, which are based around understand Sensory processing needs and strategies. These can be accessed by purchasing a subscription to our members only area. This allows you to access material on your own schedule, from your home or workplace. If you wish to enquire about a subscription, please contact us directly.

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