Fine motor skills are important for a number of different tasks throughout our day such as getting dressed, feeding and engaging in play or handwriting. If a child has difficulties with their fine motor skills, they may not be able to perform in their daily tasks as expected and may show a lack of confidence or reliance on adult support.

The following may suggest your child is experiencing difficulties with their fine motor skills:

  • Difficulties using cutlery

  • Handwriting difficulties

  • Reluctance to engage in fine motor tasks

  • Difficulties with aspects of dressing such as buttons and shoe laces.

  • Clumsy when manipulating objects

  • Complain of hand becoming sore of tired quickly

Fine motor skills encompass a range of skills, including:

  • Strength

  • Finger isolation

  • Finger awareness

  • In-hand manipulation

  • Motor coordination

  • Motor planning

How can we help?

By unpicking fine motor difficulties through ongoing assessment, the Occupational therapist will be able to provide a programme of activities to help address the specific skill areas. By working on these skills a child should develop there confidence and competence in functional fine motor tasks. Where appropriate adaptation can also be recommended for functional tasks in order to increase independence.

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